Opt-out register

We give everyone the option of registering their MAC addresses of mobile devices in the opt-out register on our website. After this, these MAC addresses are no longer counted or included in our surveys.

Door een technisch mankement is het opt-out-register momenteel niet bereikbaar. We werken er hard aan om dit zo snel mogelijk weer beschikbaar te krijgen. Mocht u in de tussentijd willen opt-outen, dan kunt u uw MAC-adres naar ons mailen. Dan zorgen wij ervoor dat u MAC-adres in het opt-out-register geregistreerd wordt, zodra dit weer beschikbaar is.

Where to find on an Android device:

Go to your ‘Settings’, and scroll down to ‘About this phone’, then go to ‘Status’. You will find two options: ‘MAC address for Wi-Fi’ and ‘Bluetooth address’ (see image below). If you tap and hold this, you will copy the data to your clipboard so that you can paste it into your browser.

Where to find on an iOS device:

Go to Settings > General > Info. There you will find information about your device, including the MAC address (Wi-Fi address) and Bluetooth address (see image below). You can also copy this on iOS by tapping and holding the section.

Enter the MAC data of the mobile device that you wish to exclude from our analysis and reports.

The MAC address must comply with the following pattern: **: **: **: **: **: ** (for example, 96:31:2b:3b:91:cd). Each * can be a through f or 0 through 9.

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